February 2017: Dental & Mobile Medical Updates

February 2017: Dental & Mobile Medical Updates

We are working on several new programs this year, and two we are very excited about are our dental services and our mobile medical unit. We started offering dental hygiene services through a partnership with the Wytheville Community College Dental Hygiene Program in fall 2016. In addition, we continue to work with Dr. Jim Gates, Dr. Justin Gates, and Dr. Neil Hollyfield to provide extraction clinics for MLFC patients. Working with Dr. Ric Richardson and other local dental partners, we are beginning to offer free basic restorative dental services through a referral program. We plan to expand this program in the coming months to offer free basic restorative services in the MLFC’s dental operatory through a partnership with Dr. David Demery. As you can see, without the generosity of our local dentists, we would not be able to maintain successful dental programs.¬†We are extremely thankful for the support of our local dental community!

In addition to regular services, we are working to offer quarterly dental clinics with opportunities for screenings, dental hygiene, and basic restorative services. We will not be able to offer a quarterly clinic during the first quarter of 2017, but we are planning to begin offering these clinics in the summer and fall of this year. Dental services will also be available during the RAM Smyth County clinic on May 5 to 7 at the Mountain Empire Regional Airport.

There is a tremendous need for dental services in our community, and we are working hard to begin meeting that need!

We are also planning to begin operating our mobile medical unit within the next few months. We received a donated medical RV that is currently being prepared for service. Once operational, our mobile medical unit will travel to more rural parts of our service area to offer services to patients who may have difficultly with transportation to Marion. We are excited to expand access to free medical care through mobile health clinics!