MLFC Relocation

MLFC Relocation


Photo by Scott Richards.

Several businesses and individuals were instrumental in our smooth relocation to the new MLFC facility at 601 Radio Hill Road. We are extremely grateful for the help and support of the following:

1. Empire Vending moved a refrigerator and copier.
2. Berry Home Centers donated a refrigerator and stove for the lab and break room.
3. Blue Ridge Job Corps students volunteered to help organize the lab and exam rooms.
4. FM94 ran a PSA about our relocation and new address.
5. Aaron Fleenor volunteered to build EMR carts and move furniture.
6. Project Crossroads provided trailers, volunteers, and staff to move furniture and equipment.
7. Scott and Quinn Richards installed headwalls in patient exam rooms.
8. Angie Osborne is continuing to provide guidance and recommendations for our new lab.
9. Harry & Denise Howe helped in many, many ways!

If we left out anyone, we apologize. There were many folks who offered to assist with the relocation.

We are thankful for everyone to who donates time, talents, and treasures to support our mission!